alex branom fight pic.jpg

Kru Alex Branom

Professional fighter
Muay Thai instructor; boxing

Alex Branom is a Professional MMA and Muay Thai fighter.  He started with the original Team Quest in 2003 and received his purple belt under Eddie Bravo in 2011. He also spent some time in Thailand, where he travelled and trained throughout the country. He is a Rajanderm Stadium veteran and has trained with legendary Jean Wayne Parr, Saenchai sor Koingstar, Pornsehnee Sitmonchai, Hongthonglex, the best of the best in Muay Thai. He has been training Muay Thai under Ajarn Burke at Burke Camp for over ten years. In the past four years, he has competed in 14 MuayThai matches and been a Fairtex sponsored MMA fighter.


Noah head shot.jpg

Kru Noah Kramer

Head Muay Thai Instructor; boxing

Noah began his training with boxing.  He discovered Muay Thai and began training with Ajarn Burke over 10 years ago.  He is a great coach and has worked with beginners as well as cornered fighters in the UFC.  He is well known not only for his skill in Muay Thai, but his outgoing and enthusiastic teaching style.


George Gonzales

Head Boxing Instructor

George Gonzales has been coaching boxing for over 25 years.  He was David Banks's coach when he won The Contender.  As a young boxer, George won the National Golden Gloves in 1969 at Featherweight.

He works with all ages and ability levels.  His students range from 5-70 years old, and include professional MMA and Muay Thai fighters as well as professional boxers.  George's style promotes good footwork, technical striking, and mobility.  

Dom Guzman.jpg

Dom Guzman

Kids Coach; boxing and Muay Thai

Dom grew up playing sports and participated competitively in basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field, rock climbing, rugby, and Olympic weightlifting. She began training boxing with George and Muay Thai with Kru Alex. She hopes to bring a positive, all inclusive atmosphere to training and understands the importance of adaptive coaching for various kinds of athletes. Her love of the sport, combined with her calm and patient demeanor, have made her a beloved coach for our youth program.