Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai and kickboxing program is the best in the Portland area.  We strive to have multiple coaches at EVERY class so that you are guaranteed hands on instruction.  This often allows our students to even have one of our coaches serve as a pad holder for them in general classes!  We are able to provide you with many of the benefits of private sessions in a classroom setting, helping you to improve your technique much more rapidly!

Our instructors are not only successful professional fighters but also have many years of coaching experience.  Both Noah Kramer and Alex Branom's lineage is through the World Thai Boxing Association.  They train under Ajarn Dan Burke, who is directly under Ajarn Chai. 

We pride ourselves on being welcoming to all skill and ability levels.  Whether it is your first class or you have been kickboxing for years, are interested in competing or not, we believe that EVERYONE should receive quality instruction.  We hold ourselves to the highest standard whether it is a beginner or advanced class.  Our style is very functional and is directly related to self-defense and competition, but it is also great for those looking for a fun way to get in shape. Our small class size and student instructor ratio allow us to tailor your Muay Thai experience to your individual goals.

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Picture a rugged area, with a couple of heavy bags and an old tire in the room. There is someone jumping rope off to one side, another person is working the speed bag, while a wizened boxing coach holds mitts for someone else. Our Old School boxing program teaches proper footwork and striking for competition-level boxing.  Our boxing program is for EVERYONE. Our students range from 5-70 years old, and include people looking to lose weight as well as those competing at the professional level. Our Head Boxing Instructor, George Gonzalez, has been coaching for over 25 years and is highly respected in the Portland boxing community. Whether you prefer a standard class environment, or prefer one-on-one instruction, our boxing program is an excellent way to get in shape, learn self-defense, or prepare for competition.  George is available for early morning as well as evening training sessions. We also encourage our Muay Thai students to also take advantage of our boxing program.

MMA fighters interested in competing in boxing should contact George directly at (503)367-1061

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Youth Boxing and Muay Thai

Kids Class: In an era where social media dominates much of our time, it is really important to teach our children how to handle themselves in real-life situations. We incorporate team building along with sport and self-defense techniques including kids boxing and Muay Thai.  Our program is designed to have both structured play and instruction.We welcome all school-age children, generally 5-12 years old (exceptions are made). Older kids are encouraged to take a leadership role with the younger, fostering a sense of community.Our Kids Class emphasizes collaborative learning while developing body awareness and improved health and fitness.   There is an opportunity to participate in competitions for those who are interested.

Boxing: Monday through Friday, by appointment, with our head instructor, George. Children will gain basic boxing techniques including footwork, defense, and offensive combinations as well as discipline and exercise. Recommended for students 5-12 years old.

Muay Thai: Our children's Muay Thai incorporates traditional Thai training customs with the beautiful martial art of Thailand.  It includes punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and throws. Recommended for students 7-12 years old.


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