Muay Thai

Learn authentic Thai Boxing in an inclusive, fun environment!

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai is often referred to as ‘King of the Ring.’ It has both rich history and modern application, having emerged as the dominant striking art in MMA. Our Thai Boxing program is the best in the Portland area. We aim to teach you the way WE were taught; quality instruction with a great teacher-student ratio. Our knowledgable coaching staff have direct lineage to Thailand through Ajarn Dan Burke. We have trained, fought, and continue to travel to Thailand to further our education. Whether you are just beginning your martial arts journey, or are a seasoned nak muay, there is a place for you!


Come learn the ‘Sweet Science’ from a Student of The Game!

Our Western Boxing program teaches you correctly — from the ground up. Proper footwork & movement as the foundation for striking, from beginner all the way to competition-level. Our Head Boxing Instructor, Pedro-Richard Castaneda has been training & coaching Boxing and MMA for years, and is a respected veteran of the Portland martial-arts community. He will analyze your boxing and create a plan that will help you reach your potential. Our Western Boxing program is an excellent way to improve your health and skillset, whether for self-defense or competition!



Our youth classes nurture your child’s physical and emotional development!

 In an era where social media dominates much of our time, we believe it’s important for children to revisit the simple joy of movement and play in a supportive environment. Our kids classes incorporate team building games along with the self-defense techniques of Western Boxing and Muay Thai — It’s fun & exercise done right! We emphasize collaborative learning while fostering a sense of community. Watch your child become more confident, improve their fitness, and gain valuable life skills both in and out of the gym. Whether you’re looking for a community based after-school activity, or the opportunity to participate in competition, we’ve got the kids class for you!